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Too Close for Comfort: Social Controversies Surrounding Wind Farm Noise Setback Policies in Ontario

Stephen Hill, James Knott

This paper examines the policies, regulations and social controversies surrounding wind farm noise in Ontario. Through a case study of Ontario’s wind power regulatory and policy development, we ask how and why noise became a controversy for wind development. The paper examines the nature of the health risks posed by wind turbine noise, provides a detailed description of how Ontario established policies and regulations to address turbine noise, outlines the main controversies in the policy and presents a series of findings based on analysis of the case. In particular, we find that the controversies stem from: (i) different interpretations of global and local risks; (ii) conflation of noise issues with other issues such as property value; (iii) inadequate communication and public engagement; (iv) the loss of local government authority over planning matters; and (v) a growing mistrust in government and industry’s ability to effectively and fairly manage the risks of wind turbine noise.


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