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Renewable Energy Scenario in India: Quest for an Appropriate Policy

Ashok K Mangotra

Policy formulation in the field of renewable energy in India did not follow the usual sequential pattern in which policy formulation precedes its implementation. Various programmes in the field of renewables were being implemented long before three attempts at policy formulation were made in the country at different times. As propounded by a policy expert, opportunities for policy formulation arise when the three streams of problems, politics and policy converge. The first such convergence was discernible in India when government responded to the oil shocks of the seventies by constituting a Commission for Additional Sources of Energy. A second attempt at policy making was made through the New and Renewable Energy Policy Statement of 2005 but this attempt ran into a policy gridlock and the Statement failed to cross the stage of policy legitimation. A third attempt is currently underway through a legislation - the National Renewable Energy Bill 2015 - which is presently under consultation but one which bristles with policy conflicts and one which would require resolution through improved policy capacity before it becomes law.

Ashok Mangotra is the former Joint Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi. For correspondence: <>.


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