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Volume 1 (2010), Issue 1

A Success Story – The German Renewable Energy Act Turns Ten

Volker Oschmann

Page 45 - 59

Bioenergy in Developing Countries: Potential and Risks

Richard Ottinger, Steven Miller

Page 23 - 32


Richard Paton

Page 1 - 2

Financing Renewable Energy Projects in Asia: Barriers and Solutions

Paul Curnow, Lachlan Tait, Ilona Millar

Page 101 - 111


Günther Oettinger

Page 3

Policy Pathways: Transitioning to Sustainable Power Generation in Saskatchewan

Margot Hurlbert, Kathleen McNutt, Jeremy Rayner

Page 87 - 100

Regulating Renewable Energy in the European Union

Philip Lowe

Page 17 - 21

Renewable Energy Policy in an Oil-Exporting Country: The Case of the United Arab Emirates

Nazli Choucri, Daniel Goldsmith, Toufic Mezher

Page 77 - 86

The Consistency of the European Union Renewable Energy Directive with World Trade Organization Agreements: The Case of Biofuels

Andrew Mitchell, Christopher Tran

Page 33 - 44

The Role of Renewables in the Interaction between Climate Change Policy and Energy Security in Europe

Arno Behrens

Page 5 - 15

Will a Feed-in Tariff Law Promote the Development of Bioenergy in Germany without Compromising the “Greenness” of Biogas?

Martin Altrock

Page 61 - 66

Wind Theft, Spatial Planning and International Relations

Dan van Der Horst, Saskia Vermeylen

Page 67 - 75

Country Reports

Dominik Müller, David Röttgen, Catherine Burke, Alfred Weightman

Page 113 - 120

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